Monday, 27 May 2013

Design Inspirations and Where to Look...

I thought I would take a time out in showing off our new home and start to look at interior design. 

For me this is the most exciting part of the home build. 

I get to work with a clean slate...I get to completely design the whole house and most importantly buy new things!!

I have been putting together a design board of all my favourite colours and design features.  In fact my "Inspiration" tab on the left of this blog is where I am housing most of my ideas for the interior of the house.  The new addition to this is

I found this site when looking through the Exhibitors at the Salone del Mobile 2013 exhibition held in Milan.  No I did not attend (unfortunately), however I jumped online to check out what was new in furntiure and interior design.

Mooi are not based here in Australia however Space Furniture in Richmond are their distributors.  Not sure about the rest of the capital cities but I am sure there should be Distributors across Australia...just check out the mooi site for more information.

These sites are great for design I have mentioned in my previous blogs our "money tree" is pretty low at the moment so I am not expecting to buy the "real thing" however looking at these sites gives me a greater understanding of what I can look out for.  I intend on buying a lot of my furniture online...that is including light features. 

As I investigate further I am finding that what is available instore is often much cheaper (even with delivery) online.  Big Brown Box is a perfect example - as too is Appliances online -

Ebay is also worthwhile as I often see great deals on pendant lights.

Enough writing from me...below are some pics from the Salone del Mobile 2013...
Euroluce - photo by Annalisa Cimmino

Euroluce - photo by Annalisa Cimmino

Below are some designs from Mooi...


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 63 - First Look of Upstairs!!

It has been some time since my last post. 

The house is still being bricked up and so I wanted to give it some time before I posted more photos... 

We went passed the house today only to find the "brickies" working!  On a Saturday...we were impressed!  Looks like Metricon are running on a strict timeline and these guys need to meet it!

It is funny though...there are a few houses being built around where we live and most of them started construction when we did.  None of the houses have roofs, most are still having the frames put up.  I have to say Metricon have been very efficient in getting things organised.  That is definetly a big plus.

There has also been some development inside the house. The internal cavity doors were delivered and installed downstairs which was exciting. They still need to be painted everything is still very raw.

We also got a glimpse of the work that is being done upstairs....

Main Bedroom - looking out to the balcony
Main Bathroom upstairs

Main Bedroom - looking into Ensuite

Brickwork on the house

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 50 - Let's brick it up!

We had a call from our SS during the week. He advised us that bricking will start on Monday. We went passed the house today. Preparation had begun for bricking. Here are some photos to show the progress so far....

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 44 - Meet & Greet With our SS

Today we had the opportunity to go through the house with our Site Supervisor Clive.

We were so grateful that Clive arranged a Sunday appointment. As my husband and I both work it is often hard to arrange inspections during the week.

We had so many questions and Clive walked us through the house. He also gave us some interesting things to think; where do we think the TV's will be mounted on the wall etc... Having said that if we give our SS the approximate height then he will make sure the appropriate frames are made so the TV would have sufficient posts to be mounted correctly.

As we walked through the house Our SS also showed us how the sliding doors would work and also told us about the logistics of the water piping inside the house.

We also had concern regarding the network cabling. Our SS told us that we would be able to have another walk through with the electrician and himself to make sure everything would be in place before the plastering commenced.

Below are some more pics of the house...oh yes and we now have a roof!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 40 - Council Update

Just thought I would check in and let you know that the fence around the tree has now been removed. The Council were meant to have gone passed today for a routine inspection so we will just have to wait and see what comes out of that.

To Metricon's credit the fence was removed on Tuesday morning and I was provided with an update yesterday afternoon. I am still a little annoyed that it wasn't done sooner, however I believe our Council is just looking for ways to make money and will look for the tiniest problem. The main thing is that the fence is gone.

All's well that ends they say.

We were supposed to meet with our SS tomorrow however it has been delayed. Our SS has offered to take us through the build on Sunday which is great as my husband and I both work during the week, so to be able to go through the property on the weekend is fantastic.  We really appreciate him taking the time to see us on his day off!

Will update you all with pictures on the weekend. So far we have been advised that the frames have nearly been completed.

Looking forward to running through this all with our SS.