Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Final Construction Drawings: Signed

Today was a very big day for us.

We finally signed off our Final Construction Drawings.

We received the final construction drawings about 2 weeks ago and since then we have been emailing Metricon with queries ranging from a missing window in the main bathroom to the height of Powerpoints and TV cables.

My advice to anyone at this stage of the building process is to allow a good week to read through the drawings. Even showing a few friends can help (sometimes), to help find things that may not be obvious.

I have to say that our joinery consultant Leo was amazing during this process. He found his own discrepancies and alerted us to a few issues. He also took the time to call us after hours to make sure we were happy with where he had allocated Powerpoints and cabling (where we have cabinets).

Leo definitely made us feel better about our choices.

It's amazing how you can look over a plan heaps of times and still find problems. We even found one small thing this morning! The Metricon team were very patient with us and I have to say we really did push them to the limit with changes!

I did want to add this piece of advice, when looking through the plans have a good think about how you are going to use the rooms and where the best place for Powerpoints etc will be. Above the bench tops, inside cabinetry? Are the Powerpoints ok to be poistioned at 1500mm off the ground or do you need them higher/lower? These were the little things that drove us mental.

So now we have been advised that our file has been handed over and we should have a start date very soon. I will be in touch with an update soon...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Checking it Twice...

It has been a little over a week now since we received our final construction drawings.  In that week we have been back to Metricon four times to correct the drawings.

The 1st time we noticed they forgot to include a window to the main bathroom. The 2nd, 3rd & 4th times we had to make sure that power points/gas and water outlets were placed in the correct positions.

Keeping all of our correspondence on file helped at this part of the process as some things we discussed a few months ago were not actioned in our plans and only because we had it in writing did Metricon agree to fix the issues. So make sure you keep all discussions etc on file.

Now you may or may not know this but when you get to this stage of the building process with Metricon anything new you want to change/upgrade or move will cost $2,500.

The only changes that can be made are discrepancies that were in the initial plans that are omitted out of the final drawings.

All our changes have been errors or discrepancies on Metricon's part - which gets us a little worried at this stage of the game.  Hence the importance of checking every little detail twice before signing the drawings.

Also once you sign off the plans - that's it!  These are the plans that the builder will use to construct your home. Which is a little scary!

We did sign off on our plans today, which was a relief to say the least.  Metricon called earlier to advise us that they have found a few things that were omitted from our plans and that will be updated - we need to sign them again!

As we are upgrading the kitchen/butler's pantry and also including some additional cabinetry there were some power points and ducted vacuum points that were omitted - which we never would have picked up on. So thanks Metricon for being on top of this!

We are still hoping to start building by the end of the month so fingers crossed we don't get any more delays.